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Sydney Craft Week

Sydney Craft Week is a ten-day annual festival that highlights the beauty of handmade art.

It will be held across 75 venues in Sydney, bringing creative people from across the country together.

The festival will feature a number of exhibitions, talks, workshops and open studios that give you the opportunity to create your own craft work. It celebrates the pleasure of craft creation and provides an informative, fun, creative, and stimulating experience.

Sydney Craft Week will showcase a wide range of talent. From textile artists to ceramicists, jewellery makers to glass artists, wood workers to metalsmiths, leather crafters to paper artists. There will also be Indigenous artists and other designers and craft practitioners from across the world.

Come along for an insight into the creative process. Show your support for local artists, makers, designers, crafters and practitioners, and get ready to learn or pass on some new skills along the way. Free and appropriate and free for all ages, this Festival will feature and celebrate multiple art forms. Check the Sydney Craft Week program for specific events and activities. You’re bound to find plenty of things that will appeal to you.

Join Sydney’s contemporary craft community in this citywide festival and prepare for a fun-filled time of creating and learning. It’s an event for the whole family to enjoy. Come along and get those creative juices flowing!

Most venues are easily accessible by private or public transport (trains, buses, ferries or light rail). Be aware though that there may be traffic delays in reaching any inner-city venues at various times, and there night also be parking issues.
Sydney Craft Week is a week-long event that takes place every October. The city’s most prominent indigenous artists, designers, furniture makers, woodworkers, jewellery makers, textile artists, metalsmiths, ceramicists, and much more gather during the festival to showcase innovative works of art while sharing knowledge.

The event features over 100 markets, performances, and workshops for attendees to enjoy. There will be several family-friendly events including live demonstrations and open studios that allow attendees to learn about what goes on behind the scenes with specific crafts. These all take place in various participating locations throughout the city, allowing artists to highlight their work while imparting the many benefits of creating. With over 200 events in total to choose from, attendees can immerse in a great variety of authentic Australian art. More importantly, it helps raise awareness of the talented individuals in the community who create by weaving, throwing, decorating, and bending among others.

Sydney Craft Week is an initiative of the Australian Design Centre, and it is supported by the City of Sydney Festivals Grant. An advisory group made up of professionals in the craft sector help bring the event together as well. Each year, the event follows a specific theme, but it always revolves around creativity, collaboration, and community participation.

In 2018, participating locations in Sydney included venues in Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Sydney, and Inner West among others. Most of the events will be free to enter, but be sure to check out the details and listings of events online before attending.

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