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Surfest Newcastle Australia is the largest surfing festival in the southern hemisphere. The event sees over 700 competitors both nationally and internationally, from more than two-dozen countries who attend the event.

This year, Surfest Newcastle Australia will commence at The Lake Mac Festival of Surfing at Redhead Beach and will conclude at the scenic Merewether Beach.


Surfest Newcastle Australia started in 1985 when Newcastle’s residents were desperately trying to rid the industrial image and showcase the beauty of Newcastle’s beaches and surf breaks to people outside of the region. The first competition (the BHP Steel International) as Surfest’s was the richest professional surfing event in the world at that time. This notoriety brought competitors and spectators in droves to the iconic event. Over more than three decades, Surfest has now became Australia’s largest surfing festival.

Each year, Surfest offers 12 different surfing events during the competition. Although, visitors coming to spectate Surfest should note that it is much more than just a great surfing competition – it is a celebration of the city of Newcastle, its residents and their relationship the culture of Australian beaches.

Aside from the surfing there is also a pop up market that runs on selected days during the event. The market showcases a variety of handmade items and art produced by local artists. Of course, a market would not be complete without a diverse range of delicious treats and food available from food stalls and restaurants nearby.

The reach of Surfest extends from just those who are present at the event. Through an event webcast the fun and excitement of Surfest can be shared with the rest of the world. This is a great way to showcase the vibrant culture of Australia and Newcastle to the world. So whether you are keen surfer or spectator, Surfest has something for everyone to enjoy.


TBC - January 2019

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