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Sydney Buses are reliable and affordable ways to get in and around the city and to enjoy its most iconic attractions.

With buses making up approximately 6% of Sydney’s road users, they are indeed an integral part of the city’s transport infrastructure.

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This bus network has morphed from privately managed services in the city’s outer suburbs to a reliable network of publicly managed bus services. The shift from trams to buses had a significant effect on the development of the city’s inner suburbs. Add to this the numerous developments over the years, and you have a very convenient form of transport.

For first-time visitors, the most important thing to remember is that there are six unique bus networks in Sydney, each featuring designated routes. The rapid networks consist of 13 routes within and across regions, while the suburban routes span nine city and cross-regional routes.

Take on the local routes that cover the following areas: Inner Sydney, Northern Sydney, Southern Sydney and Western Sydney. If you plan on enjoying some late-night entertainment at any of the city’s late-night venues, you can always enjoy the NightRide. This is a network of operational services between midnight and 5am.

The last two networks are the Sydney Olympic Park bus routes, which cover nine routes and are used to transport patrons to major events onsite, and school buses that transport schoolchildren. In addition, visitors should note that all of the routes in the networks mentioned above, save for the Sydney Olympic Park and Nightride, are managed by the state’s ticketing system.

For the first time visitor, Sydney’s many roads feature priority lanes. The bus lane is designed for bikes, taxis, hire cars, motorcycles and emergency cars. The Bus only lane, on the other hand, is specifically for buses and authorised cars.

Knowing these Sydney Buses and how they operate makes it possible to get around the city. Remember to get your tickets in advance or opt for the rechargeable smartcards during your stay.

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