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St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day Festival

The St. Patricks Day Festival is a cultural festival held in March 2024, which celebrates Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland.

In Sydney, St. Patricks Day is often celebrated by getting together with friends in a pub and enjoying a few drinks.

St Patricks Day Festival 2024 Dates, Events, History, CBD & The Rocks Pubs, NSW

Historically, St. Patricks Day was observed by the Catholic Church to mark the date of Saint Patrick’s death, and many Catholics attend church on this date.

Australians don’t typically relate this day to religion but rather celebrate with a parade, market stalls and many fun activities.

If you want to settle down and enjoy a few drinks, the pubs and clubs will be bustling with activity all day. Secure a seat early, as most people arrive and stay the whole day!

So gather up your friends for some fun and frivolity by joining the St Patricks Day celebrations in and around Sydney.

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