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Sydney Trains refers to the passenger rail network that serves the city of Sydney. This network comprises of a commuter railway that features an underground core with 178 stations across the eight lines.

As one of the city’s most integral transport networks, the network is operational for 21 hours a day; making it one of the easiest ways to get around the city.

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What’s more, the network has frequencies that average 10 minutes at key stations and 15 minutes at minor stations. First-time visitors need to note that during weekends, the frequencies are far longer with up to 30 minutes in some outer stations.

With eight suburban lines across the city’s metropolis, there’s an array of options for visitors looking to get around the city. Initially, the network comprised 11 lines, but a number of these were merged to make eight lines in total.

T1 is the North Shore, Northern and Western Line which offers services from Central to different destinations; including Hornsby, Berowra and Richmond. T2, on the other hand, is the Inner West and Leppington Line that serves the city Circle and Parramatta, while T3 on the Bankstown Line connects the City circle to Liverpool and Lidcombe.

T4, which is the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line, allows visitors to enjoy the ride to Bondi and Cronulla. T5 and T6 are Cumberland and Carlingford Line respectively, and the two offer services to Leppington and Carlingford.

For the adventurous visitor, the T7 line makes for an unforgettable ride to Olympic Park. The park is popular with outdoor lovers as it is home to an array of activities and sports suited for the adrenaline-junkie. T8, the Airport and South Line link the city to either Sydenham or the Airport. The latter is especially convenient for visitors flying into the airport.

When it comes to ticketing, Sydney Trains uses the Opal card ticketing system which is integrated with the intercity network for seamless trips. Since Opal is available for the ferry, bus and light rail services, you can always get around Sydney’s iconic destinations with ease.

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