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Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is located close to the Sydney CBD and is one of Australia’s most fun destinations.

It also serves as an entertainment and dining precinct on the city’s outskirts, a must-visit destination during a visit to Sydney.

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Darling Harbour was initially referred to as Long Cove, but its name was changed in 1826 in memory of the then Governor Ralph Darling. It has since become an iconic part of Sydney’s vibe and culture.

Darling Harbour has many attractions that make it a great family-friendly destination. Start with the Madame Tussauds Museum, where you can interact with real-life-size wax statues of celebrities, world leaders, and renowned sports champions from across the world.

The Australian National Maritime Museum will not disappoint. Enjoy guided tours on restored ships and get a glimpse into the naval world as you explore the museum. The Powerhouse Museum is also worth checking out, with its most prominent display being the oldest operational steam engine – the Whitbread Engine.

The Harbourside Shopping Centre is popular with shoppers looking for a complete experience. In addition to shopping, the centre is also home to the Kingpin Bowling Alley, the only one of its kind at the Darling Harbour. Enjoy a round of bowling and compete against family and friends. The M9 Laser Skirmish on location is also ideal for groups.

For adrenaline junkies, Flight Experience offers the thrill of taking on a commercial plane using a jet simulator. From taxing to taking off and landing, this is a most incredible experience. Racecentre is also ideally suited for thrill seekers interested in simulated racing.

Other attractions at the Harbour include the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Tumbalong Park, and the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Darling Harbour is easy to access using different modes of transport, including ferry services at Pyrmont Bay, train services to Town Hall Station, and the road from the city.

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