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Nepean Triathlon

The Nepean Triathlon is an annual event that combines the best of swimming, racing and riding all in the picturesque surrounds of Penrith.

The Nepean Triathlon is held at the International Regatta Centre in Penrith, NSW. It is a great event that challenge both beginner and intermediate athletes.


The event first started in February 1982 where a group of friends decided to put on the first Triathlon in Sydney’s west. They were inspired by watching the Hawaiian Ironman that was covered on TV. In its early days, the event was held in the Nepean River. At the time of the first triathlon there were no bike racks or handlers that are essential to hold the equipment and bikes for the competitors.

Now, the triathlon is held in Spring each year, usually around October. This is the optimal time for a triathlon race in Penrith as the weather is relatively dry during this time. The air temperature is usually between 20-30 degrees during October, although extreme weather conditions can be experienced on occasion. Water temperature averages 22 degrees during the October race date.

There are 3 legs during the race. The first is the swim which is held within the confines of the lake of the Regatta Centre. This part of the race stretches for 1km of the lake and during certain temperatures wetsuits are allowed. The second leg of the event is the Cycle course which is the longest part of the race. The cycle course rides for 30kms and is full of twists and turns around the industrial area off Castlereagh road. To finish the triathlon, competitors must complete a 10km run course. Over the 10kms competitors are to run 2 laps of the Regatta centre main lake.

So whether you are a keen competitor or a supportive spectator, the Napean Triathlon is a great event for anyone to enjoy. Bring along your friends and family and support the athletes in this fantastic community event in Penrith!