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Multicultural Eid Festival And Fair

Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair

The Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair in Sydney takes place on the Sunday after Eid-Ul-Fitr; the most important annual event in the Muslim calendar which marks the end of Ramadan.

It is attended by thousands of Sydney’s residents from over 35 communities throughout the city.

Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair 2023 Date, Tickets & Fireworks, Fairfield

Australia’s longest-running and largest multicultural Eid festival started in 1985 when Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad, a community leader for the Muslims, realised that there was no real celebration for Eid outside people’s homes. Meanwhile, back in his home country, it was celebrated through large festivals and gatherings.

To recreate the festivities in Sydney, he began with a small celebration held at the play area of a primary school. Today, it’s a highly anticipated festival for the Muslim community, creating a platform for them to celebrate in a fun atmosphere where all faiths and cultures are welcome to attend.

The market stalls feature a wide variety of cultural costume and clothing, perfume, jewellery, toys, books, and more. Attendees are invited to sample the numerous food stalls serving up authentic cuisine from Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Japan – among others. These include kebabs, gozleme, sugar cane juice, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, coconut drinks, as well as Western carnival food such as hot dogs, burgers, fairy floss, snow cones, and slushies.

The Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair also features cultural performances where people from all backgrounds present traditional dance, song, acrobatics, and plays. Kids’ attractions include monster truck rides, animated dinosaurs, carnival rides, animal farms, photo booths, reptile shows, arts and crafts, and more.

The festivities take place at the Fairfield Showground, located at on Smithfield Road in Prairiewood. Free parking is available on site, and there are two entries: one on Smithfield Road and the other on Greenfield Road. There are free shuttle buses that take attendees to and from the venue for your convenience.

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