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Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Sydney enjoys lovely weather for most of the year, with a warm summer and mild winter that makes it an ideal outdoor destination for both local and international visitors.

To make the most of your stay in this beautiful city, consider its weather patterns and make plans accordingly.

Sydney Weather Today, Tomorrow, This Week & 7 Day Forecast, NSW

Sydney experiences summer between December and February, which is probably the best part about touring the city because it coincides with the festive season. During summer, the temperatures range between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect time to explore the stunning beaches and enjoy an array of outdoor activities with the whole family. So, whether you are looking forward to enjoying a good swim, learn to snorkel or go canoeing, summer makes the perfect chance to do this.


From March to May, Sydney experiences autumn and temperatures drop to a range of between 14 and 22 degrees Celsius. The fresh air, cool breeze and crisp mornings present you with the idyllic setting to explore the city’s numerous nature trails and walks. Make sure you take time to enjoy the scenic coastal walks too. It is during this season also that the migration of the humpback whales begins – a spectacular attraction that continues to fascinate visitors each year.

Winter begins in June and lasts all through to August, marking the coldest months in Sydney Weather patterns. During winter, temperatures typically drop to between 8 and 17 degrees Celsius, with rain levels peaking in June. This season is ideal for visiting indoor attractions and enjoying family fun activities; from indoor aquariums to rock climbing centres and laser games.

The months of September ushers in Spring, which is a welcome change from the colder months. Temperatures average between 11 and 23 degrees Celsius so that visitors can enjoy the outdoors. Note that snow is sporadic in Sydney, but for those in need of a snowy adventure, the Snowy Mountains are a must-visit.

As a general guide for Sydney Weather, dress in light clothes during summer and layer up with warm clothing during winter. Whatever the weather, Sydney is a delightful destination to explore!

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