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Home and Away Tour

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The Home and Away Tour is the quintessential Sydney experience for visitors who want to take on the journey to the mythical town of Summer Bay.

Home and Away is one of Australia’s most popular and long-running soaps – and certainly one of the country’s most recognisable brands.

Home and Away Summer Bay, Studio & Set Location Tours From Sydney

A Home and Away Tour is not only the experience of a lifetime, but it is also the chance to come up-close with filming locations, and some lucky visitors may even be able to snap a picture of their favourite star as they film the series. Although, the tours cannot guarantee seeing filming or to have photos taken with the cast, as this entirely depends on the shows filming schedule.

It is an exciting adventure because die-hard fans will be able to recognise some of the show’s iconic landmarks and pristine beaches. It is a fantastic experience to spend time at the very location where some of the show’s most popular cast members frequent.

The tour, which lasts for about four hours, typically begins with picking up visitors within the CBD before heading to Palm Beach – this is the actual filming location for the series and is one of Sydney’s most picturesque beaches. On arrival, your guide will take you through some of the popular locations; such as Alf’s Bait Shop, the Pier, The Summer Bay Surf Club, as well as the lighthouse.

There is also the chance to explore the sights and sounds of Palm Beach before making your way to Manly Beach. This route winds up through Avalon Beach, Whale Beach and the stunning Bilgola Lookout. Watch out for the migrating whales if you visit in season.

The tour culminates in the charming beachside suburb of Manly. From here, visitors can explore the suburb’s highlights or dine at some of the restaurants on the beach – the perfect way to end the Home and Away Tour.

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