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Kings Cross

Kings Cross is a vibrant inner city locality about two kilometres from the Sydney CBD.

This suburb is not a suburb of Sydney per se. Instead, it marks the junction of William Street, Darlinghurst Road, and Victoria Street. As such, it constitutes part of Darlinghurst, Potts Point, and Elizabeth Bay.

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Kings Cross is well known as a red-light district, which explains the numerous entertainment venues established in the area. In addition, the locality’s proximity to the city and a reliable transport system have given rise to a vibrant and diverse community.

Many backpackers flock to this area as Kings Cross is the perfect intersection of accommodation providers, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. Home to some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, Kings Cross has the El Alamein fountain, which is at the entry of the Fitzroy Gardens. The fountain was designed to honour the soldiers who lost their lives in El Alamein. Its distinct dandelion design has since been adopted across the globe.

It is impossible to miss the giant Coca-Cola sign that, from 1974 to 2016, watched over the cross. It has since been replaced, and parts of the original sign have been sold off. For art lovers, there are a few theatres to visit: the Griffin Theatre Company, Kings Cross Theatre, Hayes Theatre Co., SBW Stables Theatre, and the Blood Moon Theatre.

Whether you are looking for pulsating entertainment venues, love the art scene or are looking to relax at the fountain, Kings Cross makes for a great destination.

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