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Luna Park

Luna Park is among Sydney’s top family-friendly amusement parks. This iconic destination is tucked away at Milsons Point towards the northern end of the iconic Sydney Harbour. First opened in 1935, the park has since undergone significant renovations to keep it safe and fun.

This park is one of two amusement parks worldwide whose structures are protected by the law. Part of the reason for this is that a number of the buildings on location are heritage-listed, making them a historically significant part of the city

Luna Park Sydney Tickets, Rides, Opening Hours, Prices, Address & Map

Visiting this park provides an opportunity to have fun with the whole family and makes you appreciate the site’s rich heritage.

Start by exploring the rides and attractions at the park and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Take on Sydney’s favourite rollercoaster, the Wild Mouse, as it rumbles and roars for a dizzying 61 exhilarating seconds. Look over your shoulder and marvel at the harbour views if you can manage while on the ride.

The Ferris Wheel is an excellent option for easy riders who want a chilled ride, with the Harbour providing a picture-perfect backdrop. Enter the carriage and float 40 metres above ground for rewarding views of the city’s skyline.

Need a physical challenge that will stretch you to the limits? The Barrels of Fun is a must-experience. This hilarious challenge will have you whizzing between twin barrels while maintaining your balance and checking the clock for the best timings.

A trip to Luna Park is incomplete without the U-Drive. This ride is a favourite activity because it allows the kids to enjoy driving themselves and is available for all height ranges, unlike most other rides.

Selected rides and attractions are suitable for people with limited mobility; please check with the box office upon entry.

Luna Park is easily accessible using car, bus, ferry and train. Why not buy your tickets online now and save!

As the opening hours vary each day, please check out the latest opening hours here.

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What is the Luna Park address?
What are the Luna Park opening hours?
Please refer to the opening hours linked to above

Please visit our website for more information on the Luna Park.
What are the Luna Park entry prices?
Day Pass - Prices change daily
Adult (14yrs+): $44 - $75
Child (13yrs & under): $34 - $65

Annual Pass: $125

Flexi Pass
Adult (14yrs+): $80
Child (13yrs & under): $70

Please visit our website for more information on the Luna Park.
What is the Luna Park phone number?
What is the Luna Park email address?

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