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Milsons Point

Milsons Point

Milsons Point is a suburb tucked away on the lower North Shore of Sydney; three kilometres from the CBD. This suburb is most notable as the geographical feature that projects into the harbour right opposite the iconic Sydney Cove.

The suburb was named after James Milson, one of the region’s early settlers.

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Milson is known for establishing a thriving enterprise that provided supplies for ships docking in the area. The suburb has since grown and is today a bustling centre that boasts commercial and residential developments.

There are many fun things to do at Milsons Point. One of the most popular activities is sightseeing as the suburb provides excellent views of the city’s most iconic bridge, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This unbelievably majestic work of engineering is recognisable the world over, and for a good reason. When at Milsons Point, take the walkway at Burton Street to get some incredible views of the bridge.

If you are up for some adventure in the heart of the city, why not take a self-guided bike tour that will take you across the city’s stunning attractions. There is the option of hiring a bike or using your own. Look for tracks on which cycling is allowed and stick to the bike tracks.

Are you Wondering where to experience the perfect night, perhaps one that includes dining with a view? Then look no further than The Deck Sydney, a hotel in a beautiful setting within Luna Park. With its excellent waterfront views and eclectic menu, there is no reason not to enjoy the delicious selection of tasty meals. There is also a bar on site, and bookings can be made online.

Fun and entertainment at Milsons Point is incomplete without mentioning Luna Park. This vibrant centre is the perfect place to play in. From rides at Tango Train to the adrenaline rush at the Flying Saucer and the spinning Wild Mouse, Luna Park is a great place to visit while at Milsons Point!

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