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Malaysia Festival

Malaysia Festival

The Malaysia Festival is Sydney’s biggest celebration of Malaysian culture, taking place over two days at Belmore Park in Haymarket.

The non-profit, student-run festival was established back in 1990. It was initially a small gathering of food stalls at the University of New South Wales, and now, over 38,000 people attend the event each year at its new location.

Malaysia Festival Sydney 2024 Dates, Events, Schedule & Times, NSW

Talented Australian and Malaysian performers in vibrant costumes showcase song, dance, and martial arts that originated in Malaysia.

There are performances for kids and adults alike to enjoy. The kids, in particular, will enjoy the Cultural Village, which will have several attractions for children that highlight the culture of Malaysia. It’s a great opportunity for the young ones to learn about the Malay, Indians, and Chinese, which make up the main ethnic groups of Malaysia.

The festival also features displays of jewellery, instruments, and pottery. Try the many traditional games, including batu Seremban and the congkak. Take photos while wearing traditional local costumes or even get a henna tattoo.

Come hungry because the festival is known for serving authentic Malay dishes and a mixture of other cuisines at the different stalls. Exotic and delicious specialties will be available, such as durian products, Char Kuey Teow, grilled skewers, Nasi Goreng, Chinese sausages, savoury pancakes, and much more. Tourism Malaysia will also be present, ready to answer any questions about visiting the country.

Attendees are encouraged to join the contests at the Malaysia Festival. Lots of great prizes will be up for grabs.

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