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Hunters Hill Art Exhibition

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition is a famous art event in Sydney, attracting thousands of visitors every year and showcases some of the best work from both established and emerging Australian artists.

Over 350 artworks from various styles and genres are on display at the exhibitions, which are held at the Hunters Hill.

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 2022 Dates, Entries, Tickets, Prices & Artworks

The exhibition is exciting and features a diverse range of artworks filled with colour, innovation, vibrancy, remarkable talent and unique ideas, as well as cultural and social commentaries. You’ll discover an incredible range of works from artists all around the country.

If you’re a budding young artist, you might be interested in entering your artwork in the exhibition. It provides you with a great opportunity for your work to reach new and large audiences. The Hunters Hill Art Exhibition is open to all art modes, mediums, styles and ideas, making it the perfect place to showcase your creative work. You won’t want to miss it!

Or if you just want to appreciate art, come and witness this outstanding display of Australian art. With hundreds of finalists stunningly curated, you won’t want to miss this annual visual feast. It’s a deeply inspiring and remarkable event for artists and art-lovers alike. You’ll have the opportunity to buy the exhibits displayed and could pick up a great piece for your home or office.

The artworks on display have been curated from over 1,000 entries, with more than $25,000 worth of prizes await the winner.


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    • Hi Leonie,

      I have looked at the official event website and their Facebook page, and the only information i can find regarding entries is the statement of “Artworks painted in the previous 12 months from the entry cut-off date will be eligible for acceptance”.

      As for what that cut-off date is, i am not sure – and even at this point, no event date has been listed.

      Going by previous year’s though, application dates have been from around the 1st week of March to the 3rd week of April.

      Please feel free to reach out to the council on (02) 9879 9400, and i’ll be sure to add an extra details to our page as they become available.


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