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Labour Day

Labour Day

Labour Day is a public holiday in NSW which will next be observed on Monday 3 October 2022 in Sydney.

Labour Day is observed to reflect on the social and political movement back in the 1850s to secure an 8-hour working day for all Australians.

Labour Day 2022, NSW Public Holiday, Shops Open & Things To Do, Sydney

What better way to mark this special day than by taking a day off work! Most Australians get the day off and spend the day with their friends. Many people use this long weekend in Spring to go away for the weekend to the blue mountains, head to the beaches, walk along the coast or go camping out in the bush!

As Labour Day is a public holiday, you will find some smaller stores and cafes closed, however larger supermarkets and shopping malls remain open. Movie theatres also remain open, as are restaurants, petrol stations and many attractions in Sydney such as the Taronga Zoo, Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium, Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Head into the city and take a walk around the beautiful Sydney Harbour, or go on a boat tour out on the water. There are heaps of fun activities to enjoy whilst in Sydney, so make the most of the beautiful weather and get outside and enjoy the three-day holiday!

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