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Sydney Harbour Challenge

Sydney Harbour Challenge

The Sydney Harbour Challenge is a man Outrigger Canoe Race and is one of Australia’s most prestigious events in this sport.

Each year, the event attracts over 800 competitors. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular outrigger canoe races, with people from all over the world coming to Australia to participate.

Sydney Harbour Challenge 2025 Dates, Times, Distance & Program Guide

The race location has moved from Manly to starting at Rose Bay and will include an open ocean portion outside of South Head and a run up the Harbour past Fort Denison, Shark Island and the Opera House.

With the celebration of another year at the Harbour, there is sure to be plenty of colour and excitement buzzing around the race hub. So not only is this fantastic water sport a great experience for competitors but also for the thousands of spectators who attend this prestigious event.

In the lead-up to the race, crews from all over Australia and the world come together to race it out for the champions title. Weather conditions provide challenges throughout the course, but crews work hard to get through the race and finish.

There is a cafe on-premises and others near the tennis courts (Sugar & Spoon) and across the parking area (JEZ Ve). They encourage paddlers to Visit Club Rose Bay, also an RSL Club. Vendors, including AO sponsors, will be on-site and will sell merchandise.

For iconic views and the opportunity to see a spectacular race around the Harbour, get down to see the Sydney Harbour Challenge!


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  • Hi
    I’m from northern rivers occ Ballina.
    My question is
    Can I paddle in the men’s crew ?
    I am female and have paddled with the crew for 2 years. We really want to paddle together in this race. Club and crew in support.

    • Hi Patrica,

      There is little information available on the 2022 Sydney Harbour Challenge at this point, except for the date, but searching on the official website i found the following document relating to the AOCRA rules that’s effective from 1st April 2021: http://aocra.com.au/uploads/file/AOCRA%20Admin%20/2021%20AO%20Rules(1).pdf.

      It states under section that “Women can substitute into a Men’s crew or for a man in a mixed crew in the appropriate Age Division. Approval must be sought from the Race Director prior to the regatta.”

      So based on this, you are likely to be fine to participate. I am not sure who the race director is based on all of the contact details listed at the bottom of https://aocra.com.au/, but hopefully these details become available when entries open up.


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