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Sydney Time
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Sydney Time

Knowledge of Sydney time is an essential aspect of travel planning for visitors exploring the magical city – and for a good reason. The city is presently categorised under the Australian Eastern Daylight Time (abbreviated AEDT). The offset is usually +10 hours GMT, with +11 during daylight savings time.

GMT is an abbreviation for the Greenwich Mean Time which refers to the clock time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

What’s The Current Time Date & Now in Sydney, Time Zone, Australia

This time is used as the standard time for referencing time in the different time zones globally. It is preferred because it remains standard all year long and is affected by neither Daylight Saving Time nor Summer Time.

Additionally, when the sun is at the highest point above the Prime Meridian, it marks precisely noon at the Greenwich. Thus, when Sydney is said to be +11 hours GMT, it means that the city’s time is 10 hours ahead of that of the GMT.

With this understanding, it becomes easier to make travel plans depending on one’s country of origin. To put this in perspective, the time difference between Sydney and Los Angeles in the USA and Paris in France is 19 and 10 hours, respectively. Tokyo, on the other hand, is closer and the time difference between the two megacities is 2 hours. This is based on the fact that Japan is +9 hours GMT.

Other interesting facts revolving around Sydney include the time when the sun rises and sets during the summer months. Sunrise tends to be around 5:40am and sunset at 8:04pm, with the average length of day spanning 14 hours and 25 minutes. Solar noon within the city is pegged at 12:52 because Sydney’s local time is 52 minutes ahead of the standard solar time.

It is important to note that the clock changes each year in Sydney under two different time zones that include the AEDT and the AEST (the Australian Eastern Standard Time). While these results in a few changes in the city’s time, it should not affect your holiday plans.

Make plans in advance and get to enjoy some of the city’s most stunning destinations like a Sydneysider – from pristine beaches to rugged mountains and everything in between.

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