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Sydney International Piano Competition

Featuring exceptional pianists from all over the world, the Sydney International Piano Competition is one of the major international events of its kind.

It’s where you can see pianists competing at the international level and it’s held every four years.

Last held in 2016, the next competition is scheduled for 2020. The Sydney International Piano Competition is the first Australian competition to be accepted as part of the Geneva-based World Federation of International Music Competitions.

The competition provides a platform for unknown artists from all corners of the world to express themselves and showcase their brilliant craft, as well as the opportunity to begin or develop their careers as concert artists. Don’t miss the 2020 competition if you want to witness the skills and hear the music of the world’s most promising and inspiring new pianists.

If you’re an aspiring pianist yourself, consider registering to enter the competition. What have you got to lose? You could join the ranks of previous competition winners who are now internationally acclaimed, like Russians Konstantin Shamray, Andrey Gugnin and Marina Kolomiitseva, or Canada’s Avan Yu.

The competition is open to pianists of all nationalities and offers a total cash prize pool of $200,000! You’ll also potentially get the chance to play at iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. That’s too big an opportunity to miss!

Both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music are located near the Sydney CBD. To avoid inner-city traffic and parking issues, public transport (rail, bus and ferry services) are your best option to get to these venues.

The Sydney International Piano Competition is one of the world’s major piano competitions. It takes place over three weeks, held every four years sometime in June-August.

During the competition, 32 pianists are chosen from worldwide auditions to participate. There are three stages during the competition proper: preliminaries, semi-finals, and the finals. The winner is awarded a prize of $50,000 but other placings are also given smaller prizes. All events in the stages are broadcast throughout Australia as well as internationally by ABC Classic FM.

The first few stages were held at the Seymour Centre in the University of Sydney until 2016, after which the venue was changed to the Verbrugghen Hall at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The final stage is held at the iconic Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, but for 2020 it will be held at the Sydney Town Hall.

The Sydney International Piano Competition is renowned internationally, and has been recognized by the World Federation of International Music Competitions since its beginnings back in 1977. Interested attendees may purchase packaged tickets which are priced at around $180 for four concerts.

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