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North Sydney
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North Sydney

North Sydney is a suburb located on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, three kilometres from the CBD. The suburb serves as the administrative centre in the local government area managed by the North Sydney Council.

The suburb’s past is steeped in the Aboriginal culture, where locals referred to it as “warung”, meaning ‘the other side’.

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European settlers, on their arrival, gave the region the name Hunterhill. This was years before the amazing transformation that the area went through in its urbanisation, giving rise to a commercial hub that represents advanced technology development in the city.

What’s surprising, however, is that unlike many of the suburbs in the city, North Sydney has minimal shopping amenities with very few stores trading on Sundays. The central shopping mall is Greenwood Plaza that lies close to the North Sydney Station. Other places to go shopping include Berry Square, Coles, and Aldi.

What North Sydney lacks in shopping malls, it makes up for with its beautiful attractions. The McKay Reserve and Walking Track, for instance, is a fun trail whose location near the beach makes it ideal for nature enthusiasts. Take on the grand stairway and enjoy marvellous views of the beach, or have a go at the beach with kids’ activities. Note that this walk is very steep in some sections, so interested visitors need to be moderately fit to take it on.

For families, nothing beats the Hallstrom Park Playground and Incinerator Art Space and Cafe. This venue is a three-in-one destination that has food, vibrant art pieces and activities for the kids all rolled in one. It is practically impossible to visit the cafe and not wander off to the art space or gallery.

Alternatively, pack up for a picnic and enjoy the greenery at Tunks Hill Picnic Area located within Lane Cove National Park. Illoura Picnic Area will also be worth your while as it has ample space for the kids to expend their energy.

Other notable attractions in North Sydney include Taronga Zoo, the Sydney Institute of Marine Science Discovery Centre, as well as Sirius Cove. To explore and get the most out of North Sydney, remember to carry a sense of awe and adventure!

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