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Darlinghurst is an eastern suburb of Sydney managed by the City of Sydney. Its location next to the CBD and Hyde Park makes it a popular inner-city suburb for residents who work in the Sydney CBD.

Darlinghurst has a colourful past as it was once a slum region and red light district. It has since undergone re-development to make it one of the most incredible places to visit during a tour of Sydney.

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Darlinghurst stands out among Sydney suburbs, partly because it is made up of many different precincts. Victoria Street, for instance, links the suburb to Potts Point and is best known for its old Victorian-era homes. Look out for the terraced houses located opposite Embarkation Park. This park provides green space for the locals to enjoy alongside magnificent views of the harbour.

Three key sets of heritage-listed stairs, namely Horden, McElhone and Butler, lead to the Woolloomooloo area. Other attractions near this street include the Darlinghurst Fire Station, as well as Green Park.

Another unique precinct at Darlinghurst is Stanley Street, also referred to as ‘Little Italy’ by the locals. This street was originally home to the Italian community in the mid-20th century and is home to the colourful Primo Italiano Festival held each year. Many Italian restaurants and eateries line this street, adding to its aesthetic allure.

The main street in Darlinghurst is Oxford Street, which is lined with many shops and entertainment spots whose pulsating sounds reverberate through the night. Oxford Street is also recognised as the city’s main gay district and hosts the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Darlinghurst is home to two of the city’s museums: the Sydney Jewish Museum, as well as the Australian Museum – the latter is a natural history museum. Exploring this suburb is made possible by a well-serviced transport system, with numerous bus routes in the area.

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