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Hyde Park

Hyde Park is Sydney’s central park, an open green space with a tranquil setting in the city’s heart. Named after Hyde Park in London, this idyllic park was initially a racecourse and sporting ground that often hosted many games.

On arrival at the park, one of the most impressive features is the central pathway that runs through it. The tiled path has a unique design and is lined by fig trees. It connects two key attractions within the park: the iconic Archibald Fountain and the Anzac War Memorial.

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The Archibald Fountain is a must-visit at the park. This famous fountain, complete with its centrally raised figure and large arch of fine spray, is a favourite spot for people to interact and take photos. The War Memorial is a majestic art built to pay tribute to the gallant Anzac soldiers who died during the First World War. The memorial, which stands 30 meters above the pool of remembrance, is worth looking out for a while at the park.

The park’s heritage makes it a suitable event for many of Sydney’s cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Depending on the time of your visit, plan to attend the Sydney Festival, the Food and Wine Fair, and ANZAC Day, among other significant functions.

For nature lovers, nothing beats strolling through the park under the tree canopies. More than 5,000 exotic and native trees, including the distinct figs along the central pathway, are present. The park is also home to different themed gardens, such as the Sandringham and Nagoya gardens, which pay tribute to the gardens of Japan.

Hyde Park is wheelchair-accessible, and public toilets are available. Museum and St James train stations are beneath the park, and several major roads border it, allowing you to take your pick of many bus routes. If you’re cycling in, bike parking is also available.

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