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St James Station

St James Station

St James Station is a peculiar underground station that continues to attract visitors due to its unique history. Tucked away from the bustle of the CBD, it consists of an intricate network of tunnels, tracks, disused train tracks, and even lakes.

Some of the station’s facilities were completed in the 1920s, but have never been operational. This was attributed to the construction of railways in North Sydney.

St James Station Sydney, Train Platform Map, Exits, Cafe & Hotels, NSW

As one of the first underground stations in Australia, the station’s construction was halted following the Great Depression. With the addition of other tunnels and platforms in later years, the station lay in a state of disuse.

Over the years, however, the site has been used for a myriad of reasons. From a bomb shelter during the Second World War to a military training ground, a farm and even a dark ground for witches and magicians, St James Station has an intriguing past.

It has since become one of the most popular destinations for visitors looking for an adventure with a twist. Visitors over the age of 18 years can take a tour of St. James Station, where you will see these disused tunnels that once gave war-time shelter.

Look out for the old heritage signs that dot the platforms and marvel at the posters ready to be used. You may also head out to the tiny passageways that connect the tunnels. There is an eerie silence that descends as you make your way across the station. This is seemingly held together by the ancient tree roots on the ceiling, marking the experience of a lifetime.

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