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Brookvale Oval

Brookvale Oval

Brookvale Oval is an iconic sports ground tucked away in the Sydney suburb of Brookvale (officially known as Lottoland following a naming rights deal in 2017).

The Northern Beaches Council owns and manages the grounds and plays host to the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles NRL team. The stadium has a capacity of 23,000 people, making it a preferred and popular destination for many sports events.

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History has it that the suburb was previously known as Greendale, and its present name was adopted later in line with the name given by the land’s original owner. During this period, a block of land nearby was used to host community functions. Over the years, the property was converted to create space for recreational activities, eventually leading to Brookvale Oval’s development. During the Second World War, the grounds served as a training ground for the Defence Force.

In the years that followed, the grounds played host to many different events, including trotting and ring events. The trotting track occupied a large part of the park, with lighting for night events. Renovations were carried out that involved the addition of stands and pavilions built to provide space for displays.

Once the Sea Eagles team was formed, the horse events were moved to a different location, giving way to the popularity of rugby matches being played on-site. Brookvale Oval underwent renovations after this to pave the way for grandstands on the southern and western parts of the grounds. The Jane Try Stand is one of the few grandstands nationwide named after a woman, with other stands including the Ken Arthurson and the Fulton-Menzies.

While the park’s primary use revolves around hosting rugby matches, only a small portion of Brookvale Oval is available for public use at the northern part of the park. It’s fascinating to learn that more than seven million people have visited the park over the years since the park’s official club started playing here.

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