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Museum Station

Museum Station is a heritage-listed train station located at the southern end of Hyde Park within Sydney’s CBD. The station is named after the Australian Museum located nearby and is served by different lines to make it easily accessible from different parts of the city.

The station is the brainchild of John Bradfield and boasts of a classical yet delightful architectural style. It features two platforms located under a tastefully designed arch.

Museum Station Sydney, Train Platform Map, Parking, Exits, Cafe, Shops

A closer glance at the museum’s design shows that its style can easily be linked to the then design of the iconic London Underground Tube Station. Interestingly, in its heyday, the station was the only one of its kind without an island platform.

The station is easily accessible from the main entrance at the corner of Liverpool and Elizabeth Streets. Another entry point is at the corner of Castlereagh and Liverpool Streets. Other entry points are at various intersections around the station.

One of the fascinating things about taking a tour around the station is that the pedestrian tunnels feature photos that tell the story of the station’s rich history. This is inclusive of photos that can be traced back to the construction period, all the way to the present day. For history buffs, this is the perfect way to indulge in the station’s prime. In addition to the photos, there are also advertisements sourced from different time periods, providing deep insight into the workings of Museum Station.

Recent developments have seen the station upgraded to include lifts for easier access onto the platforms. Platform 1 is operational for services on the T2 line with rides to Parramatta, Homebush and Leppington. Platform 2, on the other hand, is operational for lines T8 and T3 with services to Macarthur, Liverpool, Bankstown and Lidcombe – among other destinations.

Since the station is within Hyde Park, it only makes sense to make some time to visit the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. This is a world heritage listed site that has played a vital role in the transportation of convicts in the past. Combine the best of train travel with a tour of the museum for a memorable holiday.

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