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Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is an important special community event celebrated all over Australia on April 25. On this date, millions of Australians commemorate the anniversary of the first significant military pairing of Australian and New Zealand forces fighting together during the First World War.

In addition, veterans and participants of peacekeeping operations and conflicts are also honoured during this national event.

ANZAC Day, Sydney 2021 Dawn Service, March, Events & Celebrations

Just like all other cities in Australia, Sydney celebrates this day to pay homage to some of the bravest veterans who have lived and died serving their country – with the name of the event coming from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, also known as ANZAC.

Both Australia and New Zealand observe this event every year and this special day is marked by a public holiday. Both past and serving members are honoured on this prestigious day by the Australian Government and all members of the public.

The Anzac Day commemorations are usually scheduled as follows:

  • Dawn Service commencing at 4:15am: Laying wreaths, marches and commemorative services at Martin Place.
    ANZAC Day March commencing at 9am: Corner of Elizabeth Street and Martin Place, walking past the ANZAC Memorial at Hyde Park.
  • Commemoration Service commencing at 12:30pm: ANZAC Memorial and Pool of Reflection.
  • Sunset Service commencing from 5pm: At the Cenotaph, Martin Place. Short service with band and lowering of the flags.

Travel on public transport is free for members and ex-members of the Australian Defence Force, including carers; and the spouses, children and grandchildren of deceased service personnel; and the spouses, children and grandchildren of living war veterans.

Free travel recipients are required to wear the Australian Defence Uniform; or display service medals, or carry a letter of accreditation on the letterhead of a branch of the RSL or other recognised ex-services organisation, or present a war widow’s gold card.


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    • Hi Geoff,

      I have checked the RSL NSW website, their press release section and a number of news outlets and i can’t really see any information about the 2021 event at this state. Even the Anzac Day page on their website refers to marches and services.

      The closest thing i could find was QLD saying they might consider an invite-only event, but aside from that, I couldn’t find anything saying things were cancelled or altered at this point.

      Most information online still refers to 2020, so ill be updating my page as new information comes to light about that the day will consist of.


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