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Martin Place

Martin Place is a popular pedestrian mall in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, and it has often been referred to as the civic heart of the city.

It is not surprising that this national icon continues to attract productions in the film industry, effectively placing the street on the pop culture map.

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Martin Place is a must-visit for anyone touring the city and would like to get a glimpse into its vibrant culture and important buildings.

Martin Place, which stretches from Macquarie Street to George Street, is flanked by key modes of transport within the city. It also marks the entrance to the Martin Place Railway Station just below street level.

It is essential to mention that initially, Martin Place referred to the section between Pitt Street and George Street. It was opened in 1982 and named after Sir James Martin, who was once the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW.

Over the years that followed, the street was closed to traffic, eventually allowing pedestrian use only. The beauty of this street is that it lies close to heritage buildings and significant attractions that make it worth the visit.

Visit the Cenotaph that was built in memory of the brave ANZAC forces who gave their lives in the First World War, and take a few moments for silent contemplation. Look out for the water fountain located on Pitt Street. The Lloyd Rees fountain is an iconic part of cinema history featured in the movie blockbuster, the Matrix.

Behind the water fountain is an amphitheatre that was built to be elevated to cater to performances and different acts. Lastly, the Commando Memorial commemorates the commandos who died during the Second World War.

Other notable buildings on Martin Place include the Sydney General Post Office, Challis House, The Colonial Building, and the Henry Davis York Building.

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