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Surry Hills
By Phil Whitehouse from London, United Kingdom - Surry Hills, CC BY 2.0, Link

Surry Hills

Surry Hills is a Sydney suburb that is best known for its eclectic style, rich heritage and vibrant dining scene.

Surry Hills is located just outside the CBD, towards the south-east and is therefore considered an inner-city suburb; bounded by Oxford, Cleveland and Elizabeth Streets.

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The history of Surry Hills dates back to the late 18th century when the first land grants were made. Among the recipients was Major Joseph Foveaux who named his property the Surry Hills Farm after a town with the same name in England’s Surrey. The region has since been referred to as Surry Hills.

With its diverse mix of industrial regions as well as commercial and residential developments, this suburb has a verve to it that is almost impossible to ignore. To immerse yourself in its lifestyle, make plans to attend the Surry Hills Festival. This festival is an annual event that brings together both locals and visitors to enjoy the best that the suburb has to offer.

If you do not catch the festival, worry not because Surry Hills has a very enticing culinary scene that is every food lover’s dream come true. This suburb is thought to have the highest number of cafes and restaurants in Sydney.

Enjoy brunch at Gratia & Folonomo, a great cafe with that pleasant, laid-back feel that makes it an ideal place to enjoy a hearty brunch. Treat your palate to the goodness of Argentine cuisine when you visit Porteno. Look out for the ‘animal of the day’, a delicious treat for the avid meat lover. For tipple lovers, the Shakespeare Hotel is open for you to enjoy its classic aura. Other options include Le Monde for the best coffee, Bourke Street Bakery for pastries and Bar H for an unforgettable meal that merges the best of Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

With a full tummy, take some time off to explore other attractions in Surry Hills. These include artsy collections at Mark Hanham Gallery, the Badger and Fox Gallery (located in a heritage-listed building), as well as the Belvoir Street Theatres for the best performances.

Surry Hills will leave you with beautiful memories of Sydney. If you are interested in booking accommodation in Surry Hills, click the link below to explore the many options available.

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