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Coogee is an idyllic beach suburb best known for its beautiful sandy beaches. It is located eight kilometres from the CBD and is part of the local government area of the City of Randwick, which makes it easily accessible from other suburbs in southeast Sydney.

Historically, the suburb’s name is thought to have been derived from the Aboriginal word ‘koojah’, which can be translated to mean a smelly place.

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This was because the suburb’s proximity to the beach led to the washing up of kelp on the sand. As it decayed, the kelp produced the characteristic smell, hence the name. More importantly, the Aborigines who called this suburb home in the mid-19th century relocated, leaving a few remnants.

Today, the suburb is a vibrant location with great attractions for locals and foreigners alike. Coogee Beach, one of the most popular attractions, is loved for its excellent surfing conditions. This family-friendly destination also has a promenade area with historic buildings and parks to explore. Some of the facilities available at the beach include changing rooms, toilets, and showers.

Towards the southern part of the beach, the park ushers one into Grant Reserve. This beautiful reserve has a well-manicured lawn and a kids’ playground. A path leads off to another quirky attraction—the women’s pool. The pool, also referred to as the McIvers Baths, is perched on the cliff face and stands out because only women have used it since 1876!

Next to the McIvers Baths lie the Wylies Baths. These baths form an ocean pool whose wooden platform makes it easy to access. The Wylies Baths are ideal for lap swimming. Alternatively, take on the Giles Baths located at the base of the northern headland at the beach—a fun place to visit and popular among young people.

Are you looking for a water adventure? Head out to Gordons Bay, which can only be accessed by foot. The protected offshore reef makes this bay ideal for divers exploring the unique underwater flora. Clovelly Beach is also located close to Coogee – the perfect beach destination.

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