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Macquarie Street

Macquarie Street is a popular street located in Sydney’s central business district, and stretches from the southern end of the iconic Hyde Park, all the way to the northern end of the Sydney Opera House.

This street is significant, not just because it connects two of the city’s major landmarks, but also because it is home to all of the major government institutions in Sydney.

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The street, whose name was inspired by Lachlan Macquarie (one of the state’s early governors), was founded in 1788. As the city grew and expanded in those years, it became apparent that important public buildings were sorely lacking; a problem that was compounded by an intricate network of tiny streets. It was this very issue that prompted Governor Macquarie to commence the construction of the city’s first public buildings.

At the core of this decision was the need to distribute the key public buildings on both sides of the street while opening up the city to green spaces in its eastern region. The latter is today marked by the presence of the Royal Botanic Gardens, as well as The Domain.

Some of the main buildings on Macquarie Street include St. James Church and the Hyde Park Barracks; two of the most symbolic buildings of that era. Over the years that followed, subsequent governors regarded the street as the main precinct that was home to many government buildings.

This saw the opening of the old Treasury Building (which today constitutes part of the InterContinental hotel), the Colonial Secretary’s Building, as well as the State Library of NSW. In 1977, the government constructed the Supreme Court of New South Wales, marking up an important part of the street.

Today, the street is also home to the High Court of Australia, as well as the Federal Court of Australia. Other key institutions and buildings located on this street include the Sydney Hospital, the HQs of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and the historic Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Taking a walk along Macquarie Street is a richly rewarding experience that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Sydney as you check out for some of its top attractions nearby.

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