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St James Church

St James Church

St James Church is an Anglican Church located in Sydney’s inner-city (often referred to as St James King Street). Its history dates back to 1824 when the church was consecrated to commemorate the life of St James the Great.

The church’s status was elevated to a parish church in 1835 and has since maintained an integral role in the city’s religious aspects.

St James Anglican Church, History, Crypt, Opening Hours & Service Times

The church is part of the renowned historical precinct on the iconic Macquarie Street, which is home to several old colonial-era buildings. The church has been listed on the Register of the National Estate and has been touted to be one of the greatest architectural treasures.

The church lies close to both the Sydney Hospital and the law courts – two integral buildings along the street. As such, the church was initially meant to cater to the convict population in the city and has since continued to care for those in need within the community. It is also interesting to note that the underground train station was named after the church; known as St James Railway station.

The church’s architectural design is termed as ‘fine Georgian,’ and is one of Australia’s grandest architectural gems. The church’s structure was designed to be aligned with the Hyde Park Barracks located nearby. Inside, the five large stained glass windows compliment the church’s structure, with additional ones in the stairwell that leads to the belltower.

Other main parts of the church include the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, the Crypt and the Children’s Chapel, as well as a host of memorials and monuments. It is essential to mention that since it was built, the church has undergone key renovations to maintain its integrity.

Worship at St James is inclusive of Eucharists on Sundays and regular choral services on Wednesdays. Festival services are also pretty common, especially on key church events such as Easter and Advent Week. The church is also involved in different community services.

Visit St James Church is located on 173 King Street in Inner-City Sydney.

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What is the St James Church address?
What are the St James Church opening hours?
Weekday Services
Mon - Fri: 12:30pm (Eucharist )
Wed: 6:15pm (Choral Evensong: Feb to Dec only)
Tues: 6:15pm (Healing Eucharist: 1st Tues of the month, except Jan)

Holiday service times (31 December until 28 January inclusive)
Sun: 7:45am (Said Eucharist)
Sun: 10am (Choral Eucharist)

February to December service times
Sun: 7:45am (Said Eucharist)
Sun: 9am (Sung Eucharist)
Sun: 11am (Choral Eucharist)

On the last Sunday of each month from Feb - Nov, Choral Evensong takes place at 4pm

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What is the St James Church phone number?
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