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The Domain

The Domain is an extensive parkland located just a 5-minute drive from the CBD. It is one of the popular city attractions.

The peninsula flanks the main part of the parkland and is close to the Royal Botanic Gardens – right next to Mrs Macquarie’s Point.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens Trust oversees the parkland’s operations. The Domain’s history can be traced back to the colonial period during the 19th century when the space was opened to the public. At this time, it was a popular location for picnics and gatherings outdoors, and over the years that followed, the southwestern part of the Domain was used to construct government buildings.

These buildings include The Sydney Hospital, The Sydney Mint, and the Hyde Park Barracks. Towards the eastern side of the parkland, the grand Art Gallery of New South Wales, a contemporary gallery, was set up to embrace Sydney’s vibrant art culture. These new developments meant that the parkland lies close to the different attractions in the city, making it a central destination.

Today, the domain is divided into three regions by two key roads—Mrs Macquarie’s Road to the north and the Art Gallery Road to the south. In addition to the different attractions, The Domain is mostly a family-friendly recreational spot.

Discover the grassy areas between the towering trees, the different walkways for a leisurely walk, and various restaurants, such as the Pavilion on the Park. Look out for the Speakers Corner—a part of The Domain whose historical significance has made it an area for public speaking. Interestingly, this has been one of the main venues that embrace free speech within the city.

The Domain hosts several key events yearly, usually during summer. Some of the most popular events include Opera in the Domain, Carols in the Domain, and Jazz in the Domain.

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