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Muogamarra Nature Reserve

Muogamarra Nature Reserve is a protected parkland located in Northern Sydney. This lush reserve is indeed a magical place to be, and it is not difficult to see why.

Nature enthusiasts will love walking through the area, with its stunningly pink boronias coming out in full bloom during the spring season. If you love flowers, make sure you take a moment to appreciate the native orchids that are abundant in the park.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve, Walks, Map, Camping, Open Days & Times

In addition to the diverse flora, the reserve is also home to the many native animals found in the country. One of the most common species is the echidna, which you are likely to spot when you visit. The birdlife at the reserve is also worth looking out for. Listen to the fantastic songs of the lyrebird as they mimic different sounds in the environment, or look up and spot the majestic wedge-tail eagle as it soars and takes on the skies.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve is a place of cultural significance as it was once home to the Aboriginal community that lived in the region. To enjoy this cultural experience, take on a Discovery Tour and unearth some of the secrets of the reserve. Look out for rock engravings whose preservation is an integral part of the reserve. This indigenous heritage walk is a great way to discover the area.

Alternatively, walk at your own pace by packing a few snacks for an outdoor picnic, taking a camera, a pair of binoculars and sturdy shoes for a self-guided walk. Walking track options can be found at the Kalkari Discovery Centre.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve is an hour’s drive away from Sydney. The reserve is open for only six weekends annually to protect the ecosystem and Aboriginal cultural heritage, so plan your visit well in advance.

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Only for 6 weekends around August & September each year
The reserve is closed to the public at other times to protect sensitive natural and cultural heritage values.

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