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St Leonards is a suburb in the popular lower North Shore of Sydney, about five kilometres from the CBD.

It is straddled by the following local government areas: the City of Willoughby, the North Sydney Council, and the Municipality of Lane Cove.

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The suburb was named after Thomas Townshend, an English politician who held key posts in the country. Initially, the region extended past its present boundaries to cover Gore Hill. As such, what was the township of St Leonards in the late 19th century is today referred to as North Sydney.

St Leonards has a bustling commercial area, making it one of the important business centres in the region. A casual glance at the suburb’s skyline reveals its stunning skyscrapers, which house major global corporations. For shoppers, Forum Plaza is an excellent place to go shopping, as it features a Coles supermarket as well as dozens of retail shops and food stores.

Nothing beats the Climb Fit Indoor Rock Climbing for the adventure lover willing to try out new things in St Leonards. Alternatively, learn a new hobby when you take up golfing at Inner City Golf, one of the city’s most interesting indoor attractions.

With no shortage of places to enjoy great food, St Leonards is every food lover’s dream. Enjoy European food followed by a cold Czech beer at the Bazaar Beer Cafe or Cantonese cuisine at The Rice Den. For freshly made pies, the aroma that wafts from Romeo’s Pie Cafe is reason enough to visit and indulge. Other eateries worth visiting include the Flying Egg Cafe, The Cabana Bar, and the Green Gourmet Restaurant.

St Leonards is an eclectic mix of outdoor activities and great food that makes for great memories. If you are interested in booking accommodation in St Leonards, click the link below to explore the many options available.

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