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Mascot is a suburb located in South-Eastern Sydney, seven kilometres from the CBD. It is also one of the administrative centres located at Bayside Council. Botany Bay borders the suburb, and most notably, is home to Sydney Airport.

Land grants were first offered back in 1835, at a time when the main activity was market gardening.

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The area grew over the years and even chosen as the location for the construction of a public airfield. Flights to and from Mascot began in 1924 with subsequent expansion of the airport 23 years later.

Today, the suburb and Sydney Airport provide convenient transport and accommodation options for travellers visiting the city. What this also means is that there are dozens of places for plane spotting in the suburb. This is a favourite past time that everyone can enjoy as nothing beats watching the majestic birds land and take off at intervals. While at it, you may also enjoy duty-free shopping while in Sydney.

In addition to air travel, the suburb is also serviced by some bus routes including 301, 303, 309, 310 and 400. There are three railway stations accessed on the Airport line and Mascot railway Station, making this one of the best ways to get around the suburb. For those who do not mind splurging, then helicopter rides are the way to go. These scenic tours provide an excellent aerial view of the city in what can only be described as a magical experience!

Mascot is home to exciting attractions too. The Mascot Memorial Park is a perfect place to start. The pet-friendly park features beautiful gardens, wide open spaces and a plaque to honour soldiers of the Second World War. It is an excellent destination for a family day in the outdoors.

Other attractions include art at the South Sydney Graphics Art Club, Manhattan Super Bowl and St George Rowing Club. For food lovers, visit Hong Ha Hot Bread for bread with a twist and sample delicacies from Ciao Bello Restaurant. The Tartine Cafe is a great way to end your tout of Mascot – make sure to try out their delicious sandwiches!

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