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Blacktown is a suburb located in the City of Blacktown within Greater Western Sydney, about half an hour’s drive from the CBD. It stands out because it is the largest suburb in the state of New South Wales.

With this vastness comes the great diversity that the suburb is known for, Blacktown is, without a doubt, one of the most multicultural locations in the city.

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One of the most amazing things about this suburb is that it marks the location where the First Fleet arrived in 1788. At the time, different groups lived in the region, perhaps an indication of the cultural diversity that would later characterise Blacktown. The construction of a railway station led to the development of the town. Over the years, the suburb would grow both in population size as well as economically.

The suburb’s CBD lies close to the train station. The main shopping centre is Westpoint Blacktown, an expansive mall with a wide range of outlets and specialty stores. Other commercial entities include Blacktown Courthouse, the Max Webber Library for book worms as well as some restaurants and hotels that dot the town.

Another notable landmark in the region is the Blacktown Arts Centre, located on 78 Flushcombe Road. It not only stands out for its thought-provoking works of art but also because it marks the most elevated point in the suburb’s CBD. This multi-arts centre is a former Anglican Church, which underwent extensive refurbishment to what it is presently.

For sports and recreation, there are several places to catch up with the action. These range from Blacktown Stadium (located within the suburb’s Olympic Park), the showground, aquatic centre as well as the Ice bathing Club. Featherdale Wildlife Park and Bungarribee Park are family-friendly attractions that will keep the kids entertained and engaged.

For a suburb the size of Blacktown, transport makes up an integral part of its development. Public transportation is a popular option with reliable train services at Blacktown Railway Station. Busways also provide various services to different parts of the suburb with a key bus interchange near the train station.

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