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Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre

The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre is a phenomenal multi-arts facility located in the heart of the Blacktown CBD, and arguably one of its finest attractions in town.

This contemporary centre is best loved for its eclectic program of performances, workshops and curated exhibitions – the perfect getaway for art lovers visiting the area.

Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre Multi-Arts Facility, Address, Hours, NSW

As a leader in the development and advancement of contemporary art in Australia, it is little wonder that the centre supports innovation and provides an exciting platform for the community around to learn about and experience modern art in all its different forms. The cultural diversity at the centre can’t be ignored, as there are artists of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin, making it one of the most inclusive art facilities in Sydney.

Some of the in-house projects at Blacktown Arts Centre include exhibitions that run throughout the year, regular workshops that seek to impart knowledge to upcoming artists, as well as a host of performances to celebrate the great diversity of art and culture. It is important to note that among the workshops, there are ones specifically designed for the youth and kids to keep them occupied during the summer holidays.

In addition to these projects, the centre also partners with key art organisations to steer a host of art activities in the region. This is integral because not only does it allow visitors to enjoy art off-site, it also helps ensure that the projects are well funded and they challenge visitors to think artistically.

Some of the organisations that the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre has partnered with include the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Powerhouse Youth Theatre. It is this dedication to showcasing brilliant and culturally diverse art that places the centre firmly on Sydney’s list of must-visit art facilities.

It is virtually impossible to visit the arts centre and not notice its intricate design. The centre, which first opened its doors in 2002, is located in a converted church. The church was refurbished and expanded to create space for performances and workshops and is a delightful place to spend time.

The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre is at 78 Flushcombe Road in Blacktown; open between Tuesday and Saturday, from 10am to 5pm.

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