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Camperdown is a beautiful suburb located in Inner West Sydney, four kilometres from the CBD. The suburb is situated in the local government areas of the Inner West Council as well as the City of Sydney.

In addition to this, Camperdown is densely populated, which partly contributes to its cultural diversity.

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The ‘Battle of Camperdown inspired the suburb’s name’, a critical naval action between the British and the Dutch Navy. This name was given by the then governor who received the land that is present-day Camperdown and parts of the surrounding region.

One of the most popular aspects of this suburb is that it is home to several vital educational institutions. A large part of Camperdown is occupied by the University of Sydney, alongside the residential colleges thereof.

One of the best ways to get a glimpse into the way of life at this university is to book individual tours of the museum and heritage buildings – an excellent chance to appreciate the architectural feat that the university is. The sandstone walls and well-manicured lawns a testament of the suburb’s focal point and rich heritage.

The guided tours are available on weekdays (except for graduation days and public holidays) between 9am and 4pm. Bookings must be made at least one week in advance. For those interested in taking open tours, these run on the first Friday of each month from 4pm.

Away from the iconic University, Camperdown also has hidden gems that will have you sucked in by the suburb’s laid-back nature. Love shopping? Then you will love Pigeon Ground, a favourite variety store that stocks an array of items to pique your interest – from vintage memorabilia to works of art, books and even records!

Treat your palate to delicious delights from the Deux Ex Machina Cafe tucked away on Parramatta Road. Acre Eatery serves your favourite meals made from fresh produce while Dairy Bell Ice Cream Warehouse is a delightfully designed building for the visitor with a sweet tooth. Alternatively, get your tipple at Manning Bar and The Lady Hampshire, the perfect way to wind up a visit of Camperdown.

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