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Cremorne is a suburb located in lower North Shire of Sydney; six kilometres from the CBD. The suburb is also in the local government area of the North Sydney Council, with Cremorne close to Mosman and Neutral Bay.

History has it that before the arrival of the First Fleet, the region was largely inhabited by the people of the aboriginal community.

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Needless to say, the suburb shares a name with the Cremorne Gardens in the UK, after which it was named. Today, the suburb is mostly a residential region with several attractions that make it a delightful place to explore.

The suburb has a homely feel that blends in perfectly with the lushness of the waterside parklands and the beautiful views in the background. One of the most tranquil spots in the suburb is Cremorne Reserve. The reserve features excellent foreshore walks with stunning views. There is also an interactive playground to keep the kids engaged. From the reserve, it is possible to access the two ferry wharves depending on your trip plans.

Alternatively, visit Brightmore Reserve & Primrose Park. With ample playing space and several shaded areas, there is no shortage of places to unwind. Make sure to carry your picnic mats for a great family outing. The kids will remain entertained, thanks to a simulated road system that allows the little ones to enjoy cycling and riding scooters. Use Young Street to access the park areas.

The other option for outdoor lovers is to visit the Maccallum Pool. This harbour-side gem is loved for its timber deck, so it is easy to go sunbathing. Other natural attractions include Willoughby Bay and the Mosman Bay to Cremorne Point Walk.

Take time to visit the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace; a luxurious and stylish art deco cinema that enthrals art lovers with its elegance and variety.

There are plenty of accommodation options at Cremorne, so pack up your fun attitude and enjoy your stay at one of Sydney’s most idyllic suburbs.

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