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Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk

The Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk allows you to explore the different parklands while marvelling at the spectacular harbour views and gardens.

The walk begins at Cremorne Ferry Wharf through to Robertsons Point before winding past the historic gardens and finally ending at Mosman Bay.

Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk, Map, Start & Distance Km, Sydney

Begin this walk at the Cremorne Point Ferry Wharf, where you can grab breakfast at Sophie’s Place Cafe before stepping out to continue on your journey. Amenities available at the wharf include a public pay phone, toilets, as well as a children’s playground.

From the wharf, cross Milson Road and take the steps that lead to the monument. A short distance away, you will get to Sophie’s Lookout; a vantage point from where you can enjoy sweeping views of the reserve and beyond.

Make your way to Robertsons Point Lookout and take the path that leads directly away from the house – past the park area and into the unspoiled bushland. You will notice a few information signs that lead to a rock cairn that constructed for the Donnachaidh clam back in 1988.

Walk past the picnic tables and make your way to the lookout point, sometimes referred to as Cremorne Point. This lookout is a favourite part of the walk as it offers magnificent views of the harbour from the many bench seats. You may wish to take the steps down to the lighthouse, but caution must be exercised.

From Robertson’s point, walk to Elephants Ear and proceed to the Old Cremorne Wharf by following the signage along the path. Mosman Bay Marina is located 10 minutes from the wharf.

Cremorne Point has well-paved pathways that are accessible by wheelchair. It also continues above the ferry wharf along a black bitumen path that leads to the old Cremorne wharf. The Mosman Bay walk also has about a 15min paved trail that can be accessed by wheelchairs.

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