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Redfern Station

Redfern Station

Redfern Station is a train station that serves the Sydney suburb of Redfern and is on the Illawarra line. The station’s history dates back to the mid-19th century when the station was a single wooden platform and an iron shed. The station has since been upgraded to be one of Sydney’s most important transportation centres in the region.

Presently, the station has 12 platforms – two of which are underground.

Redfern Station Sydney, Train, Platform, Map, Car Parking & Address

Ten of the stations above ground are connected to the concourse by a set of stairs for easy access on Lawson Street. The two underground ones are connected to Gibbons Street through stairs and escalators. More importantly, both concourses on the different streets are linked for convenient access.

The 12 platforms serve different lines with platform 1 serving the CCN, BMT, SCO and T7 lines with services to Central Station and platform 2 serving the same lines with evening peak services to, among others, Springwood, Wyong, Katoomba and Olympic Park (the latter on special events). For those heading to Epping and Parramatta, platforms 4 and 6 have rides to these suburbs.

Other regions served by the station include Liverpool, Macarthur, Bankstown and Bondi Junction. For first time visitors, note that there are incomplete platforms (13 and 14) located right behind platform 10 and these are not operational.

The station has three major exits that include the main one on Lawson Street, the second one near the Australian Technology Park, as well as the third one on Gibbons Street. The latter is ideal for passengers catching trains on platforms 11 and 12.

Note too, that Redfern Station lacks a connecting bus interchange. There is, however, a bus stop that is easily accessible from the entrance located on Gibbons Street. For adventure seekers of the night, Redfern is serviced by Nightrider route N11.

Essential for new visitors at Redfern Station, some platforms are significantly shorter than the trains, so passengers are advised to use the last six carriages when going out of the city and the first six when travelling to the city. There are also wheelchair accessible toilets on site.

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