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Katoomba is the main town of the Blue Mountains area in New South Wales and serves as the administrative capital of the Blue Mountains City Council; located on the Great Western Highway, 110 kilometres from Sydney.

The Blue Mountains have long been home for the Aboriginal people, especially the Darug and Gundungurra tribes. Many of them still live in the mountains, which have several cultural trails where visitors can explore and see their rich heritage.

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It wasn’t until the 19th century when this area was developed for tourism purposes when hotels were built, and infrastructure continued to grow. Today, this part of New South Wales is a favourite among Sydney residents looking for an escape to nature. Affluent locals and celebrities alike have also built vacation homes in the area, as it’s blessed with spectacular views.

During winter, the Blue Mountains may occasionally experience snow, although this is limited to a few days a year. The frost and cold weather makes this area a popular tourist destination for locals and foreign tourists during the winter.

It’s just as appealing to visit the rest of the year, as the area is known for its charming art deco establishments and picturesque scenery. It has a thriving art and music scene, and its population is made up of a significant number of poets and artists.

Echo Point Lookout is a major attraction here, known for panoramic views of the famous Three Sisters, the highlight of the Blue Mountains. Scenic World is the ultimate destination in Katoomba; it offers unparalleled views of Jamison Valley, Katoomba Falls, and the Three Sisters – all from one spot! It features the steepest incline railway in the world, where visitors are taken on a journey among cliff tops on a Skyway 270 meters up in the air. The 2.4-kilometre path is also the longest in all of Australia.

The Waradah Australian Centre is a notable point of interest, where visitors can learn about the Indigenous people, as well as the rich past of Australia. The custom theatre is the highlight of the Waradah Australian Centre, which showcases live performances and narratives of the country’s history.

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