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Archibald Fountain
Archibald Fountain

Archibald Fountain

The Archibald Memorial Fountain is a notable landmark in Sydney and one of the most-loved features in Hyde Park.

The fountain was the brainchild of JF Archibald, who stipulated in his will that a part of his estate should be dedicated to creating an open-air memorial complete with an electric fountain in any of Sydney’s public gardens.

Archibald Fountain Hyde Park, Photos & Address Location, Sydney

Following Archibald’s death in 1919, the planning and design of the fountain were put on hold to allow for more money to come in before construction was eventually completed in 1930. The memorial fountain was brought to life by the renowned French sculptor Francois Sicard. It commemorates the connection between Australia and France during the First World War, with its primary themes inspired by antique designs from Greece.

The hexagonal fountain measures about 18 metres in diameter. The central raised figure is a bronze Apollo, and behind it is an arch of fine sprays depicting the rising sun. This is further complemented by the collection of water sprays directed into three basins. A closer look at the fountain reveals that tortoises and dolphins direct water jets towards the fountain’s centre.

The Archibald Fountain is so famous that it is known as one of Sydney’s most iconic recreational spots. Both locals and tourists make their way to the park to sit and unwind in the open space surrounded by blooming flower gardens. Park benches are available for visitors, which also makes this spot a favourite for city employees during their lunch hour.

Other attractions close to the Archibald Memorial Fountain include the ANZAC War Memorial, the Nagoya Gardens, and the Sandringham Gardens – all within walking distance of the fountain. To get there by train, alight at St. James station, the closest station to the memorial.

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