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Fishing Charters

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Bordered by the cerulean coastline, Sydney boasts an array of great fishing points with massive fish colonies. So it’s no wonder the city has many fishing charters out on the ocean and local rivers.

Whether or not you’re a deep-sea fishing fan, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a ride across the turquoise blue waters of New South Wales with one of the many favourite fishing trips.

Sydney Fishing Charters, Deep Sea Trips & Sydney Harbour Tours

Visitors coming in groups can also hire a private fishing charter for an exclusive fishing experience with their families and friends. Charters usually teach you a few techniques of local fishing methods; including live baiting and lure spinning techniques.

Kids will love the hands-on experience of catching their very own fish, and you’ll be amazed by the variety of fish in these waters. You can share the charter with other groups or choose to hire the boat just for yourselves. Your charter captain may even teach you how to clean your fish so that you can cook up a feast for dinner.

Check out the Blue Reef Fishing Charters in Balmain for a seamless experience. This friendly team of people are well-versed with the city’s waterways, so you can be sure to learn more about the culture and see many of the city’s distinct landmarks.

You may also choose Deep Sea Charters for a fantastic fishing experience. Once you have made a booking, you will be picked from Balmain Wharf before the journey begins. The boat is big and comfortable enough to allow the little ones to try out fishing, so you can always make this a family adventure.

Sydney Sea Charters is your go-to operator when you need to enjoy Sydney’s delightful fishing spots. The company operates deep sea fishing and harbour cruises around the Harbour, allowing you to soak in the city’s most spectacular views. With team members who are passionate about fishing, there is every reason to take this adventure aboard the 43-foot vessel.

Fishabout Tours lives up to its name in providing you with an excellent fishing experience within Sydney. The guide’s knowledge of Sydney’s waterways is unparalleled, giving you unique access to some of the best fishing spots.

Other Fishing charters in Sydney include Bravo Fishing Charters, Alice Hunter Charters as well as Fishin’ Trips Charters. Click the links below to explore a vast range of fishing charter tours available during your next visit to Sydney.

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