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Balmain is one of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney’s inner west, six kilometres from the CBD.

The Inner West Council marks the suburb’s local government area. This beautiful suburb is located on a tiny peninsula opposite Milson’s Point and is surrounded by Port Jackson and the suburbs of Birchgrove and Rozelle.

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The suburb’s history is significant because it marks the beginning of the Trade Unionist movement and has since become the home of the country’s working-class culture. For this reason, Balmain has a vibrant social and cultural heritage in the city and the state. In line with this, the suburb is home to several historic hotels, all offering a glimpse into its past.

Popular hotel chains include Cricketer’s Arms Hotel, Kent Hotel, Shipwright’s Arms Hotel, and the Volunteer Hotel. Visit the Riverview Hotel, whose structure is a heritage-listed corner building constructed in the late 19th century. Its charming Arts and Crafts Style sets it apart from many regional establishments.

Love pop and culture? Then, you will undoubtedly fall in love with Balmain. Many popular phrases have been coined to celebrate the suburb’s vibrancy, and one of the most popular is ‘Balmain boys do not cry’. The suburb has often been the location for film and TV productions.

Outdoor lovers will enjoy the suburb’s numerous parks, including White Bay Park, Gladstone Park, and Birrung Park. For those who love sports, there are several football clubs on site. Look out for the Balmain Sailing Club, the location of the yearly Balmain Regatta.

Balmain is easily accessible by ferry and bus services. There are several ferry wharves with services to Circular Quay. On the other hand, buses service the following routes: 441, 442, 444 and 445. The suburb’s roads fed into Beattie, Darling and Mullen Streets. All of these streets feature a single carriageway and have parallel parking available.

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