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Ghost Tours

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Sydney is home to many historic mansions and buildings and to explore these mansions, Sydney tour operators offer ghost tours, lantern ghost tours and mid-night ghost tours.

These tours are conducted at specific areas in Sydney, and several ghost tours near the famous Q Station and Old Government House.

Sydney Ghost Tours & Best Scary Night Walks, NSW

Start at the Q Station that runs multiple ghost tours each week, the most popular being the Ghostly Encounter Tour which has run for more than two decades. The Station, also known as the Quarantine Station, was the first stop that ships with sick passengers on board made, hence the name quarantine. Today, the station is home to many ghosts with the scariest one believed to be that of Samuel the Gravedigger.

Take on the adventure at The Rocks with a Lantern Ghost tour which will take you through some of the most haunted spots in Sydney. The ghost of former-convict Ann Walker has reportedly been seen on this tour, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Take a ghost tour at one of Australia’s oldest colonial buildings, Old Government House. This tour is most famous for the appearance of the ‘man in black’ – believed to be the ghost of a hash colonial era leader.

A ghost tour at the St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church and Cemetery is a spine-tingling way to go back in time to 1841 when the church’s cemetery marked where colonial settlers were buried. Today, it is believed that five ghosts call the cemetery home.

Other popular options for ghost tours include the Haunted history night tour on Cockatoo Island, the Blue Mountains Ghost Tour as well as APPI Ghost Tours.

So if spooky encounters are your thing, click the link below to book a Sydney Ghost Tour today!

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