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Woollahra is one of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs located just five kilometres from the CBD within the local government area of the Municipality of Woollahra.

This suburb is best known for its quiet tree-lined streets and its village aura that makes it a charming place to visit.

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Historically, the name ‘Woollahra’ is derived from an Aboriginal word that means camp or meeting place. The name was taken up by Daniel Cooper following the laying of the foundations of the Woollahra House. There are two houses on location, with Cooper’s son building the second one. While both houses having since been demolished, there stand structures in place of the houses.

Presently, the suburb’s opulent houses are a far cry from the historic houses. These picturesque homes, many of them in Victorian styles, have continued to amaze visitors over the years. It does not go unnoticed that there are no high-rise developments, an aspect that has retained the suburb’s heritage character. Walking down the tree-lined streets marvelling at the grand houses is a favourite past-time for many people.

Explore the beauty of Centennial Park in Sydney. With a myriad of activities, visitors get to walk, jog or run. For adrenaline junkies, nothing beats the sheer thrill of skating, cycling, and riding across the park’s tracks. If you’d like, you may also enjoy horse riding while at the park. Other parks worth exploring include Moncur Park, Chiswick Park as well as Pat Thompson Park.

Art lovers are not to be left behind as the famous Olsen Irwin Gallery is open to the public. The gallery showcases works by renowned Australian artists and is a creative space to appreciate the suburb’s art scene. Additionally, look out for cultural and sporting events held on location within the suburb.

After a day’s family adventure in Woollahra, feel free to enjoy lunch or dinner at any of the suburb’s restaurants. These include the Chiswick, Pinbone and La Scala Restaurants for food lovers.

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