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Summer Hill
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Summer Hill

Summer Hill is one of the residential suburbs within Sydney’s Inner West – just seven kilometres west of the CBD.

The suburb is flanked by two of the city’s major roads: Liverpool Road and Parramatta Road.

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Before the arrival of the First Fleet, the region now referred to as Summer Hill was home for the people of Wangal and Cadigal. Following the arrival of the settlers, land grants were given to several prominent people. It’s thought that the suburb’s name was chosen presumably due to an attachment to Britain.

One of the most obvious things that you will notice about Summer Hill is that it is home to different communities, which adds to its diversity. The suburb’s population is a blend of Europeans alongside Italian, Chinese and several other cultures.

The Summer Hill shopping precinct is along Smith and Lackey Streets. Some of the places to shop include the Summer Hill Wine Shop, the Monkey Puzzle toy store and the Summer Hill Village Patisserie for freshly baked treats.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy brunch on a lazy weekend, then look no further than One Penny Red; a quaint eatery that’s inside an old post office. Alternatively, enjoy a perfect pizza at Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant. Envy Cafe and Gallery combines the best of delicious meals and art for an unforgettable experience altogether.

Enjoy an outdoor adventure when you explore Underwood Reserve and discover its pockets of green space that are perfect for unwinding. Summer Hill is one of those laid-back suburbs that you can easily tour in a day or two.

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