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Liverpool is a suburb of Sydney, 32 kilometres from the CBD. It functions as the administrative seat of the local government area of the City of Liverpool.

This suburb is one of the oldest settlements in the country, having been established by the then-Governor Lachlan Macquarie. The suburb’s name was named after Liverpool City in Britain, and for a good reason – most of its buildings feature architectural designs from the British city.

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The suburb’s location at the head of the George’s River and its proximity to the railway line made Liverpool a bustling agricultural centre. This changed in the following years, thanks to the region’s urbanisation. Despite this tidal wave, the suburb has some beautiful heritage-listed homes. These include the Former Court House, Collingwood House, and the Liverpool TAFE College.

Visit Liverpool Apex Park for a family outing with the kids. The Park has a playground with great play equipment and open spaces for the kids to run around. Interestingly, this park has a grim history, marking the resting place of the suburb’s pioneering settlers.

Another fascinating attraction with a dark past is the Old Liverpool Men’s Asylum, which, at the time of its operations, cared for old men. Today, the facility is bustling with young blood, oblivious to the asylum’s past. Look out for the small cabinet that displays convict-era artefacts alongside memorabilia from years gone by.

Other activities to enjoy in Liverpool include a tour of St. Luke’s Church, the oldest Anglican Church in the country, a fun-filled adventure at Inflatable World Liverpool, and shopping at the Fashion Spree Factory Outlet Centre.

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