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Darling Point

Darling Point is one of Sydney’s harbour-side locations in the eastern part of the city, just four kilometres away from the CBD.

This suburb is part of the local government area in Woollahra Council and is surrounded by Sydney Harbour, Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay and Edgecliff.

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Originally known as Yarranabbi by the local Aborigines who lived there, the suburb earned its name in honour of Elizabeth Darling, the wife of Governor Ralph Darling after whom Darling Harbour was named. Over the years, Darling Point has grown to be an affluent suburb that is best known for its expensive real estate.

Some of the landmarks in Darling Point include Carthona and Craigend. The former is a beautiful heritage-listed sandstone mansion built in 1841. It features sweeping views of the Bay area and, expectedly, is one of the city’s most prestigious properties.

Craigend, on the other hand, is a mansion built in 1935 which boasts an Art Deco style. Its design also includes doors from an old mosque from Zanzibar, alongside an ancient Japanese garden. Just like Carthona, this house is also heritage-listed. Additional heritage-listed houses include Babworth House, The Swifts as well as Bishopscourt.

Away from the houses, art lovers have the opportunity to visit the Michael Commerford Gallery, which is accessible using New South Head Road. The gallery presents an array of exhibitions from time to time, so check the official website to learn more about this artsy destination.

McKell Park is a beautiful gem located at Sydney’s Harbour. With its verdant gardens nestled among towering trees, this park is the perfect place to relax. The Canonbury Cottage, yet another heritage-listed house, makes for an excellent backdrop. Take some time to enjoy the panoramic views of the bridge to the west too! McKell Park also provides easy access to the ferry stop.

Other attractions at Darling Point include Rushcutters Bay Park Playground for visiting families as well as Yarranbee Park. Whatever you do, make time to shop, dine and play at this popular suburb.

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